Some workers have no choice but to stand to perform their jobs. Retail staff and factory workers are just some examples of occupations that require standing (in most cases).

Looking after the welfare of your employees is an important consideration, after all, as an employer, you have a duty of care to protect them from unnecessary injury or harm. Apart from potential legal claims against you, productivity is another reason to look after your people.

So who needs an anti-fatigue mat?

Workers who stand in one position for prolonged amounts of time can benefit from specially designed cushioned rubber floor mats, also known as anti-fatigue mats. These work by relieving the pressure and stress on feet and lower limbs, thus helping to reduce the risk of injury. Such mats are even a good idea at home if you spend a lot of time standing, perhaps in the kitchen at the sink or stove, or maybe in your garage workshop. In the office, where standing desks have become popular, having a cushioned floor mat will make the desk even more comfortable to work at.

Mats are available for a variety of different applications, depending on your needs. For example, if you have a working environment where hot sparks are present from welding then mats are available to withstand the heat.

It’s important to discuss your needs with a rubber mat supplier as they will be able to determine the best mat to suit your needs.

Choosing a floor mat

There are many suppliers of floor mats to choose from, but not all are of good quality. If you’re looking for advice on which mat to use specific to your needs, then we suggest speaking a specialist supplier, rather buying blindly online. This way, you may even get the chance to try some samples before buying.
However, if you do already know the mat you need, then Amazon offer a range of cushioned rubber floor mats.

Some jobs that require standing

Retail work

Working on a checkout can involve standing although some retail staff is allowed stools to sit in. We spoke to Hannah, who works at a home improvement: “My legs, feet, and back were hurting so much just after the first couple of days. Fortunately though, my manager was supportive and acquired a cushioned mat for me to stand on. It made the world of difference, and since then, I’ve had no pains.”

Health care

Doctors, surgeons, dentists and many more professions in the medical field have to stand in static positions while treating patients. Cushioned mats designed for medical use can help reduce the stress on lower limbs.

Hairdressers and Barbers

While you sit comfortably in the chair having your hair cut, spare a thought for the person cutting your hair who can spend 8 hours or more a day on their feet. Rubber mats surround a hairdressers chair will make the job a little easier over a prolonged length of time.

Food preparation worker

Have you ever spared a thought at just how those pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, etc. get prepared? It’ll be the teams of food preparation workers that spend entire shifts making food for our consumption. To help their productivity, rubber mats can be placed on the food production area to keep them comfortable.

So if you’re a manager or boss responsible for the comfort of your workers then consider anti-fatigue mats – your employees will thank you for it!…

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